Being a business owner is isolating. Being a leader is isolating. Being a Christian business owner or leader is doubly isolating because of all the chances the world will give you to go against your faith.

The Christian Business Leadership Academy is a place to find community, fellowship, and support for developing your faith, your business, and yourself.

Yes, we read books together, but more than that, we take action on what we read and learn. Each meeting you’ll hear and share ideas and insights from the reading. Everyone will also commit to one specific action to take before the next meeting. The action will be something that will concretely benefit your faith, business, or family life.

The cornerstone of our reading program is the Bible. First-year academy members will read through the Bible at least once alongside the other books. Second-year academy members will read through it twice in the year. In the third year and beyond, members will read through the Bible once per quarter, or four times per year.

The Academy Book List (First Year)

Each course lasts three months and includes three books, so the reading pace is one book per month.